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Guess who just found his list of computer passwords!!!

After some initial rockiness, regarding legalities, things have been worked out. So apparently, we were sent to the wrong place. We were suppposed to go to the public defender's office, not the public guardian. Everything had been resolved. John Strange has been released to us, and we are planning his cremation and memorial. We have tentative plans for a scattering the weekend of Oct 22nd at Mount Tam. Will keep you updated. Please let me know if you have ideas, suggestions, or want to help plan the memorial.

Please feel free to spread the word


Is anyone even reading this?

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We have just found out that since there is no legal documentation listing us as next of kin, we are unable to care for John, He will remain a ward of the county, and be processed as an indigent and will be either buried or cremated at the county's discretion and will be placed in a pauper's grave at an undisclosed location. If you have donated money, I will be working to return your money to you within the next few days. Thank you again for all who helped.


Please feel free to repost this information

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John Strange Update: Now is the time for me to beg, borrow, and plead. We talked to the local crematorium, (Neptune Society) and the cheapest that they can do, will cost us $2500.00 We are asking for donation to cover the costs. Please contact me if you are able to help in any way. Feel free to repost this

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Attention Faire Folks - especially Innyarders!
Amy Rodrigues and I received a call from the County Sherriffs office just now informing us that John Strange was found dead in his hotel room in Rohnert Park this morning. Cause is still unknown. Will post more as I get the info

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Can someone please stop the world. I want to get off now.....

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I want to get high and not feel anymore

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Health Update: I have hyperthyroidism. I started anti-thyroid meds. Had an allergic reaction to them. Now have to do Radioactive Iodine treatment to lower my thyroid function. I start treatment Wednesday afternoon. I will be radioactive, and will be quarantined in my bedroom, from Wed the 23rd through Sun the 27th. . . . .

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I have been sucked into the all consuming black hole that is known as Facebook. I am attempting to return to LJ, because I miss you all


I need a meeting format and readings for an AA meeting. Please message me if you can help. I need it ASAP! Thanks

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